Hi, I'm Karen


I am Karen Ben-Moyal, 26 yrs of age. I am a proud native Texan, American-Israeli, Jew. I recently returned to Houston from working in Washington, DC for the majority of 2019. I worked as a production intern for Gingrich 360, briefly, before transitioning to The Livingston Group, LLC. I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science/History in 2018. Capitalizing upon my accomplishments, I was an assistant producer for D'Souza Media where I worked in the production of Dinesh D'Souza's latest documentary, 'Death of Nation.' As a successful activist, I created Students for Trump and Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Houston, where I brought and organized multiple speakers to speak on campus on behalf of YAF UH, such included Dinesh D'Souza, Herman Cain, and David Horowitz. I've also worked for congressmen such as Ted Poe, Dan Crenshaw, and Pete Olson. As an author, my published works include opinion pieces, non-fiction, historical books, political analyses,US House Speeches. During my time spent working for Houston City Councilman Mike Knox, I implemented new ordinances into the City of Houston's corrupt Office of Business Opportunities Program for Minorities and Women. I spent months surveying, researching, and planning recommendations for Houston's Office of Business Opportunities program and succeeded. This was the first time assist I was able to use my ideas to innovate local laws.


To promote peace, support prosperity, protect American principles, and build a future of hope for American citizens while advancing peace through power overseas; for U.S. interests to take more innovative approaches in foreign policy and trade — to begin climbing towards the summit which is the light at the end of the tunnel: Finally establishing human rights for all, and defeating tyranny wherever it lurks will always be my motivation. Both within and throughout Our Land Made for All of Us; And as such, at this point in time, or when the course of Earthly events causes history to repeat itself, so often unquestioned within our own U.S. House & Senate so divided; One human— in every age—must finally take it upon themselves to stand for what's right, because no one else will. However; Restoring unity and power to the individual — aka the PEOPLE— must be preceded by purifying our hearts as One Nation Under G-d, indivisible, we must once again succeed in rebuilding a strong foundation for all of us at home first. That is, as a nation of free thinkers and diverse individuals of every race color and religion. Thus, to rebuild the pillars that make it possible for free willed people's to promote real solutions for peace all over, and completely reform our domestic security strategies abroad. For, the USA must take it upon themselves – as leaders of a global enterprise, to spread our own social and criminal justice, our freedoms and blessings abroad once the family, our country, is no longer in a crisis of our own House so divided.