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Karen Ben-Moyal is currently running for U.S. Congressional District 14 in Texas this Nov. 3, 2020, as an Independent candidate for the People's Perpetual Union to live on outside of party politics which has divided our nation immensely and enslaved citizens of the free without questioning. After spending most of 2019 working in Washington, DC, for the Livingston Group. Ben-Moyal recently graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Capitalizing upon her accomplishments, Ben-Moyal was most recently an assistant producer at D’Souza Media where she took part in the production of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary, ‘Death of Nation.’  Karen created Students for Trump and Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Houston, where she brought and organized multiple speakers to speak on campus on behalf of YAF UH, such included Dinesh D’Souza, Herman Cain, and David Horowitz. Karen has also worked for congressmen such as Ted Poe, Dan Crenshaw, and Pete Olson. Her published works include opinion pieces written in the Daily Cougar Newspaper and congressional speeches. During her time spent working for Houston City Councilman Mike Knox, Karen implemented new ordinances into the City of Houston’s Office of Business Opportunities Program for Minorities and Women. She was ultimately able to assist in fixing the corruption of the previous OBO system. Ben-Moyal spent months surveying, researching, and planning recommendations for Houston’s Office of Business Opportunities program and succeeded, as the program has become prosperous again and grown exponentially.


Mission: To promote peace, support prosperity, protect American principles, and build a future of hope for American citizens while advancing peace through power overseas for U.S. interests to take more innovative actions towards peace and justice abroad. As a dual citizen of both the democratic, free nations of the USA and of Israel, and as a born and raised as a proud Texan - I am dedicated to the American Promise. That is, an oath of courage and will written into law, "to secure freedom and justice for all." As all living in nature, under natural law whether their governments permit it or not, are indeed created equally. Its time for the People to stand as one under G-d and take action by changing the way we vote in the 2020 Generals.


To deny another man the freedom that he himself has is to diminish the meaning of what it truly means to be an American & patriot at its core. Instead of relying on politicians to secure our blessings of freedom, America's unfulfilled journey towards restoring covenants of old must live on. Even if these American duties, both of divine and of historic means, are not fully understood by all. Justice is offered by nature's glorious law(s); in the form of choices and decisions, and the will to stand firm and tall in the face of adversaries.

The origins of our nation have become distorted by the times. Every era since the founding documents of our USA were established and written into laws protected by of and for the people to live by nature's principles for eternity, were always more fragile and significant than any generation since has yet to realize. But we must realize now or all acquaintance will be forgotten forever. The Constitution of the USA outlines Nature's never-changing laws to apply to our ever changing lives on our spinning globe. These guidelines were developed straight from The commandments bestowed unto all mankind & governed by Our Almighty Creator. The biggest crises in our House divided have given rise and reason for concern at a level higher than ever.

I am Looking towards Making Manifest Destiny Grow and thrive Again. After Successfully advocating long and hard to Make America Great Again, all throughout my college years, I have proudly accomplished the achievements I set out to improve the overall political and general knowledge my fellow millennial's needed to express themselves freely in a polarized American university. My passion for policy extends beyond a box. I realized I must begin the next level of my obligations in life. Ancient Glory shines into the 21st. I can confidently state that if we, the people, step up to the polls by breaking the cycle of insanity to change the electoral outcome to reflect positive change and result in real innovative efforts for peaceful impacts to ripple out Next November: Independence will be ours if we, the Independent citizens of America, vote for the only chance our future has to survive and expand in peace pursuits. By voting Independent in the 2020 American General Elections, We, the People, will take back the hands of federal power to unite the bridges that have led to the inflammation of a dangerous crisis, currently engulfing our House divided. In sum, Independence has been long awaited for so many who cannot yet fathom they are no longer living in a truly free society in today's America. Our campaign's hope is to educate enough youth voters on the importance of fundamental Republican ideals--- those of which Lincoln first brought forth in the form of a 3rd party.


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